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Go Away Skinny Jeans, Slit Pants are coming

Diposkan: 02 November 2017 - 12:38 Dibaca: 1816 kali

Skinny jeans has been dominating girls’ wardrobe for too long. Even though we can both agree that skinny jeans’ trend is timeless and one pair can last forever, we all know that it can get boring sometimes. There is this new trend going on for a bit now and it’s called ‘Slit Pants’. You might have seen this trend as the very pants are often being worn by Hollywood stars and model such as Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner.

The model of the pants is varied between the side slit and front slit. The material being used for these pants are endless as well. From jeans to silk, you can name it all! There is always one pair of pants that fits into any occasion you wish. A light pool fashion to even chic sophisticated office look.

As the temperature is getting higher, you might need more air flow for keeping yourself cool and it can be said that this pants is one of the best choice for you. A pair of jeans front slit with a basic white T-shirt is a good to go for your casual afternoon walk and a pair of black side slit with a blouse is a good look for your Monday office look!

These pants are absolutely good when you want to look trendy and sexy while still covering your entire leg. The cute peek-a-boo concept of slit pants is good enough to make others curious. Get your trendy look with slit pants now. 

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